Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Introductory Teaser


Wait! Before you get started, you need to read this first because after this page it starts to get real raw. I wrote this book to educate and inform women about men, regardless of what you may think after you read it. I wrote in a form that shows the locker-room lingo that men use with one another if asked certain questions. I didn’t intend to write every sentence in perfect grammatical form. I wanted women to read the truth from the mind of a man.

I’m a masculine man, not some bitch-ass pansy who feels he has to relate to a woman’s emotions in order to get his point across. I don’t care about any of that. I feel that the bond between African-American men and women is deteriorating rapidly, and I want to try to do something about it, but I don’t want to be soft about it. I want to teach the naive and misguided women who I feel are misinformed, and ill prepared about their responsibilities in getting and maintaining a relationship with a man of quality. I don’t want to be nice about my delivery, I don’t want to be subtle, and I don’t want to dilly dally, pussyfoot, tap dance, tiptoe, or beat around the bush. I want to give you the truth straight out. I’m not concerned with whom I may offend or hurt, and I don’t give a damn if you like what I have to say or not. I think too many men are too passive about things when it comes to women to avoid hurting their feelings or starting unnecessary drama. But there’s no line drawn when it comes to a woman hurting a man’s feelings. She feels she has the full right to say whatever she wants, regardless of the impact it may have on a man’s emotions. I also have this right. Within this book, I’ve tried my best to use that right to its absolute zenith. Please believe through editing that a lot more has been removed to make room for the book’s core points. I think as men we shouldn’t scale back our masculinity in order to connect with women. As a man, I’m independent, take charge, and in control. If a female doesn’t understand or can’t accept these things then she needs to find herself an effeminate metrosexual or nowadays another woman who can better fulfill her needs. Neither I nor any other man should have to restrain our natural masculinity and dominant way of behaving because of a female’s insecurities, anxieties, and idiosyncrasies. I feel if you start to subdue your behavior at the behest of a woman, it diminishes you as a man. So take a deep breath and relax, relate, and release all of those ill feelings and emotions you have toward men and let yourself be educated, informed, and enlightened.

-AKA- “The Re-Educator”
Copyright 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why I Cheat on My Beautiful Black Wife

I am a black man and a cheater. Not all the time, just every now and
then. The itch comes to me, and no matter what my wife does, I still can't help but want another woman. I love my wife very much. No woman I've ever met or will meet will hold a more important place in my life. I also love my kids, our house, my job, and the fish in my daughter's room. I love everything about my life at home, even though my relationship has become dull and rocky. But, while I love having a strong black family, I also love being a man, and there is a part of me that just can't handle monogamy.

I see a lot of misinformation in Essence and other black women's magazines about men and what we want. It's silly to me because women don't know a thing about us. At the same time, they spend all their time talking about us. They always think they have us figured out, that we can be changed, and that they can come up with some magic formula that will control us and make us want to give them all the blissful matrimony they are seeking.

They couldn't be more wrong. Here's the deal on cheating. Not from every man's point of view, just mine. You would never know I was a cheater, because I don't act like one. I don't think my penis is made of candy, and I don't want to have sex with every woman I see. I just want one sexy black woman, every now and then, as long as she is not my wife.

I have four confessions to make, please hear me out before you attack.

1) Love usually has nothing to do with cheating. Women have this silly belief that if a man cheats on you, he must not love you. That's like saying that if you really love God, you won't scratch your toes. One has nothing to do with the other. I could be faithful to a woman I hate and cheat on a woman I love. Whether I love a woman is communicated by whether I continue coming home to her, or whether I visit her if she is sick, help her pay a bill or take care of her aging, yet annoying parents. The woman you love is the one that you want to see when you are NOT horny.

2) I didn't care much about being married, and many men can do without it. I don't need the emotional security that women crave; I never wanted the ceremony or the legal commitments that come with matrimony. Personally, I would rather NOT have the state involved in my relationship. I got married because my wife was a good black woman and she wanted to get married. That's it. If I could have had my way, I would have continued to date her forever, without ever getting married. It's not because I am a dog, but I would have been considered a dog for not marrying the woman I love. I recall seeing all my friends who were married, bored and miserable. On top of that, they had to answer to someone every single day, take out the trash, and deal with some irritable woman on her period, who feels that she can hold sex over their heads. I never wanted to be that guy. But it was love that made me willing to be that guy. I have been that guy a lot, especially when my wife was pregnant. I also support the African American family, so I do what I can to keep us together. But even though I have experienced the ups and downs of marriage, I still don't see what's so great about it.

3) You can't control us with sex. I have heard women say things like "If you don't do this or that, then I'm not giving you any." Some men may be affected by this kind of thing, but I'm not. If my wife withholds sex, I give her 2 weeks. If she is not having sex with me within two weeks, I find someone else to have sex with. It's not her right to decide if I get to have sex, and she can't use sex as a weapon. What she doesn't realize are a couple of things.

First, men NEED sex. Again, it has nothing to do with love. We need sex the same way that a woman needs to socialize or a good daughter needs to hear from her mother. It's a purely physical urge, like when you have to go to the bathroom, but not bad enough that you're going to burst. The discomfort from the unfulfilled need is just strong enough that you sigh when you are finally relieved.

Second of all, as a black man in my early forties, there are always at least 5 other beautiful black women willing to drop their pants for me in a second. It's just a numbers game, since a black man with a job and all his teeth are considered a good prospect.

So, whether she knows it or not, my wife has competition. But then again, maybe I have competition too and don't know it, I accept that. In fact, if she is tempted to cheat, then that supports my argument that we should never have gotten married in the first place. Women ask us to do something that we don't want to do, then get mad because we don't do it right. It reminds me of when my older sisters used to force me to play house with them, and then get angry because I put play dough in the teapot out of boredom. Because I love my beautiful ebony wife, I am willing to wait for sex. But only two weeks. After that, I get resentful and start to think about exercising my options. It's at that point that one of my many unmarried ex-girlfriends gets invited to lunch. They are always happy to meet me. I am not trying to be conceited, but it's the honest to God truth. I hope that the truth is appreciated, but I suspect that some of you reading this might feel more comfortable with the same old lies. Perhaps if I weren't so committed to telling the truth, I could become more comfortable living the big marital lie that exists in America. It's that same lie that makes Internet Pornography the largest industry on the web, with most of the content being purchased by married men.

4) If we want another woman, there usually isn't much else you can do about it. I truly believe in the theories which state that men are genetically wired to want more than one woman. We don't choose to be that way, we just are. We are also trained to lie about it, since there is nothing that turns a woman off more than saying that you want more than one woman. But get a bunch of guys together and ask them to describe their sexual fantasies (with no women in the room, of course), and most of them would describe something that involved at least 2 or 3 women. I have shared these thoughts with my wife and I find that she is only interested in killing the messenger. So, that throws honesty out the window. I am not sure if I will continue to cheat, but I know that my male friends do it all the time. I envy the single guys, who can do what they want, with whom they want, and no one calls them a bad person. I share my life, my space, and my time with a woman, deal with her moods and am continuously there for her, yet, if I fulfill one fundamental need that I have as a man, I become a villain. It just doesn't seem fair.

Author Unknown

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Re-Education of the Female Teaser

Teaser from the upcoming book The Re-Education of the Female by author

Dante Moore Sr. available in stores July 15, 2008



How does a woman get a man? Women have been posing this question to one another for many years, and maybe that’s where the problem lies. They’ve been talking to one another when they should’ve been asking a man. If you want to know the truth, you go to the source. Women shouldn’t listen to the misguided views of lonely, frustrated female friends; misinformed family members; overpriced therapists; or effeminate men. How can a female get a man? Do you really want to know? It’s very simple. Women just make it much harder than it is. Well, I’m going to give it to you straight from a man’s perspective. Let’s see if you can take it. You might be able to get through the book or you might not. Doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to me either way, but if you do make it through, I guarantee that your perception of men will change and the way you go about trying to get one will, too, so let’s begin.


You know how people say the first rule of real estate is location, location, location? Well the same statement rings true for attracting a man, only it’s appearance, appearance, appearance. I’m going to pound this into your head throughout this book. An attractive physical appearance is the number one thing you need to acquire and sustain in order to obtain and maintain a long-term relationship with a man you want and not someone for whom you’ve settled. Sometimes it’s the only thing you need. If you have weight issues; excessive body hair; poor hygiene; body odor; bad feet, teeth, or nails, then you need to handle that before you put yourself out there for a relationship. Ladies, if you don’t do anything else (i.e. cook, clean, have a trust fund, a seven- figure salary, a multi-million-dollar business, or anything else that might accentuate you as a person), then the number one thing you need to do is take care of your appearance. The average man would rather have a broke, young, tight, cute chick with six-pack abs who works as a dishwasher at Rawlo’s pork emporium than a fat-ass size twenty-four bitch who makes half a million a year. Don’t believe me? Look around. How many fat, successful females do you see with boyfriends or husbands? Hardly any, correct? How many ditzy, brain-dead hookers wearing a size six do you see marrying the next big NBA or NFL star? They might not know how to balance a checkbook or what stock to invest in, but they know how to fuck, they know how to suck a dick, they’re always wearing somethingsexy, and they know how to get and please a man. Nine times out of ten it’s your man that they’re getting.

Copyright 2008

Dante Moore Sr. —AKA— (The Re-Educator)

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